The Family Heirloom

My project "The Legacy: A Daughter's Experience of the Holocaust" is a body of work in two parts: “The Family Heirloom” and “I Thought It Would Feel Like Home”. It is a project that took several years to complete but really, a lifetime to produce, culminating in ongoing exhibitions and its publication as a book.

“The Family Heirloom” illustrates my relationship to my father's concentration camp uniform, which he saved after his liberation from a satellite camp of Dachau at the end of WWII:

"I was first shown my father's concentration camp uniform at an early age. He went into his closet to take a plastic bag from the top shelf and inside that bag was the neatly folded uniform. I wasn't surprised to see it, but I was surprised it was being stored in a plain yellow plastic bag. The bag seemed so ordinary and its contents far too important to be stored that way.

Over the years I revisited the uniform often, taking it down to show friends, or look at by myself. It was somewhat reassuring to know it was always there - my only tangible connection to a past that seemed like a dream. It was my family heirloom, a sad secret tucked away on the top shelf of my father's closet in a plain yellow bag." -An excerpt from "The Legacy: A Daughter's Experience of the Holocaust: The Family Heirloom"

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